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the legion of antineopians

Why I hate neopets (my story)
What's happening in neopets?
Frozen logs and inquries
Why I hate neopets (my story)
Other antineopian sites
Banned words and other stupid rules

why I hate neopets.

it was the summer of 2001 sometime in august my cousin showed my the site neopets and I signed up with my first account maddog007396 it took a while for me too make the name i tryed maddog first but the name was already taken then i tryed maddog007 still taken so i tryed on of there choices it worked and I became maddog007396 i amde my first pet destroyer300001 anyway i played for a while got my pet strong then left for a while came back later in 2002 and started again made my second pet slash3550660 or something like that  and way i was gettin really sucessful i got a size 95 shop a level 14 grarrl equippeted with soem rare items includin amulet of te dark farie and orb of the fire farere stuff like that i beat punch bag bob got the trophy my account was doind great everything everyone could ever want i had a lot other stuff but it would take too long to type it all anyways on the day i turned 13  in 2005 i went to the boards i decide i didn't like it soo much so i left after a while though i got a petpetpet and did not know how to use it so i went to the helpboards and asked for help then i saw an other board that caught my eye some person ( puupyfire_123 r soemthing liek that) complaining abotut ppl hating her and shit at first i lloke diu said whatever still no one was replying to my board so i diss this person for fun well then istarted to like the boards and one day in august of 2005 i went to a another board except this one was a beggar board
me: well scarthcards

beggar: nbut how do they get so rich

so it went on she kept asking the same questionwel here where the rpemium came

beggar: how do you gety rich

premium: play games restock all tha

beggar: yea but that bever works

me: wow you set a new standard of stupidity

premium: plz don't call ppl stupid it is against the rules

Me: why she is a beggar and how is it against the rules
a guy i met eariler on the boards: maddog is just annoyed becuase he decided to neomail the top tycoons instead of reading my guide to pusie tycoon.
premium:hey maddog look like you don't know much about making neopoints ethier ( actually i looked at her account and by the lloks of it mine's was better)
me: hey how would you know how amny neopoints i have is this an admittion of a scam.
premium: no i looked at your shop pets and lookup( i loked at your to and it sucks)

Me: okay mabye i need to read the rules again.

then 5 minds later frozen.
anywyas after that lttle incident i got all pissed but it was luckly that when i frst signed up i made many accounts  (dog00786,w32nimda and many others)
so i used dog00786 and made a complain board then pretened to use a chaet program known as money tree grabba but which i never used just pretended anywyas the same premium reported me again and killed another 48 month account of mine.
well then i got really mad so i went on to yahoo and lloked for neo hate sites and found down with neopets i joined the forums and wnet to other sites then decide to amke this one.

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